Buying Without a Realtor

A few advantages to buying without a realtor are the savings it can provide and the fact that the agent is paid by the seller. In addition to being an unbiased third party, a realtor will be able to provide unbiased advice based on his or her experience and contacts in the industry. Typically, buyers … Read more

For Sale By Owner Checklist

One important step in preparing for a for sale by owner sale is preparing the paperwork. While a real estate agent can help with this, many buyers prefer to deal with someone who has a familiarity with the legal process. A for sale by owner checklist will help you prepare the proper documents so that … Read more

How to Find Houses For Sale in My Area by Owner

Many people are searching for houses for sale in my area by owner (FSBO) listings. The process can be overwhelming, but there are a few key steps to making this process easier and faster. First, you should find a real estate agent that specializes in selling homes by owner. Listed below are five of these … Read more

Houses Rent to Own By Owner Near Me

Houses Rent to Own By Owner Near Me While you can find a lot of houses rent to own by owner near me for rent, they may not be the best option for you. A rental is not a good option if you are on a tight budget. However, if you have a steady income … Read more

Advantages of Selling to a We Buy Ugly Houses Owner

Whether you’ve got a dingy house or an old property that is in need of repairs, there are many benefits to selling it to a real estate company like We Buy Ugly Houses. First of all, they eliminate the headaches of listing a property for sale. After all, no one wants to waste time and … Read more

Buying a FSBO Home Without a Realtor

Buying a FSBO Home Without a Realtor When buying a FSBO home, you’re not likely to be dealing with a real estate agent. Whether you use a Realtor or go it alone, you should consider hiring an agent to help you with the legalities and negotiate the price. An agent can also be your point … Read more

50 Percent Ownership Properties For Sale

50 Percent Ownership Properties For Sale A property with a 50 percent ownership can be very appealing to many people. It allows them to own a portion of the property while paying rent on the remainder. They can decorate the home to their own taste and decide when to sell it. In some cases, they … Read more

Buying a FSBO Without a Realtor

When buying a FSBO without a realtor, you can avoid the hassles and costs associated with hiring a real estate agent. An agent can arrange showings through MLS, while a FSBO will not have an MLS listing. In this case, the agent will have to conduct searches for listings and open houses by word of … Read more

Buying a For Sale by Owner Home With a Realtor

Buying a For Sale by Owner Home With a Realtor When it comes to buying a home, a for sale by owner (FSBO) property has a few benefits over a traditional real estate transaction. First of all, you can save up to six percent in commission, which is lower than most agents’ fees. Saving thousands … Read more