Why Do We Have to Sell My House Fast?

“How can I sell my house fast in Phoenix?” – That’s how many of us ask ourselves when we hit the shopping malls, and local real estate markets. This has been a big problem for consumers looking to sell their homes, and the Arizona real estate market. Thanks for everything you’re doing and helping keep our community in shape!

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In Phoenix, there are some buyers who are ready to make an offer on a home, but before they do, they want to make sure it is free and clear of costly liabilities, liens, etc. When buyers are ready to bid on a Phoenix home, they want to see immediate and substantial repairs done to prevent surprises. And realtors say, there’s no such thing as quick house selling!

Realtor Jennifer Lewis says that it often takes six months to two years to complete the required repairs and prepare a home to sell. “Buyers will come in and look at the house, knock on the doors and ask for an offer. If you don’t have repairs, you can’t get an offer accepted.”

It’s a known fact that the first place a buyer looks at is the closing costs. A quick house sale in Phoenix will be a fast closing. But when you are ready to sell your home in Phoenix, make sure you’ve got the house looked at by a third party. A real estate agent can look around the home, make an offer and close the deal quickly.

How do you find out if you have a fast selling potential? One way is to have a local real estate agent show houses that are currently for sale and are close to a closing date. Another is to contact a local realtor who specializes in selling and buying distressed properties. These agents can get you into the proper market with their contacts from other sellers, find appropriate property managers, and find other sellers who might be willing to work with you on a fair all-cash offer.

What about buyers? Is there room for more? Absolutely! Phoenix realtors say that when it comes to flipping houses, buyers really want to see the inside of a home before they make an offer. So, they might offer you a slightly higher price (since they are trying to get in on the action) but if you have unruly structural issues with your house, it might not be the best purchase for hungry buyers in need of a new home.

The good news is that you can flip your distressed properties as soon as possible. Even if you cannot close a deal as quickly as you want, you will still get your cash offer in on time. Most investors wait at least a few months after listing a property to place a cash offer on a property. If you act promptly, you can get your cash offer in on time even faster.

Why do we have to sell my house fast Phoenix realtors say? Because if you delay in putting your house on the market, the bank will gain a chance to foreclose it even if you are not in a rush to sell. Investors buy distressed properties to make money in them and foreclosing on them is their way of making money in these distressed properties. If you delay, the bank can foreclose you for a lower price than what you really owe and then sell your property taxes and unpaid expenses for a fair all-cash offer. So act quickly and you could save yourself a lot of hassle.