Where Can Seniors Get Help With Home Repairs?

where can seniors get help with home repairs

If you are a senior and need assistance with your home repairs, there are many places to turn. Government programs like LIHEAP and Samaritans Purse offer help, as do Section 504 and Federal programs like the Department of Agriculture. These programs are designed to make life easier for those who need extra help. Read on to find out about these programs, and how you can get them. We hope this information is helpful.


Home repairs can be very expensive, but a government program called LIHEAP can help with these expenses. The program provides energy assistance grants to eligible low-income households, and it also offers home weatherization and other renovations. While it is not specifically designed for seniors, many state programs offer the same help for home repairs. Below, you’ll find a few tips for reducing your energy costs.

Applying for LIHEAP can be done online or through an appropriate county agency. You’ll have to fill out a short application online, but you can also submit a PDF application. You’ll need to submit proof of income and household composition to qualify. For more information, visit the website of the New York State Department of Public Service. During HEAP season, you can also apply for Regular HEAP.

Section 504

The government offers financial assistance for seniors to repair and maintain their homes. There are many ways to apply for Section 504 assistance, and no application deadline. The program can be used for home repair projects involving hazardous structures. The program has strict eligibility requirements, including the presence of a permanent residence status in the United States, age 61 or older, and inability to pay back loans. It also offers loans at low interest rates to eligible applicants.

To apply for a Section 504 grant or loan, you must visit your local Rural Development office or contact a USDA service center. Lenders must honor Section 504 loans and grants. For questions, contact a USDA home loan specialist or a Rocket Mortgage Home Loan Expert. In addition to filling out forms, you should be prepared to wait on hold for a long time. The government’s website lists information on where to get help.

Federal programs

Home repair assistance is provided by various agencies, which provide financial support for major and minor repairs and renovations in the homes of the elderly and disabled. Such programs help older people maintain the safety and comfort of their homes and save them from expensive utility bills. However, some of these programs recoup money if recipients don’t meet their terms. In such cases, you may be asked to obtain additional funding from outside sources.

Free home repair programs are offered by various non-profits. They may fix roofs, install lifts or ramps, or repair pipes and other problems. Free home repair help is available to qualified applicants, and you can apply for these grants if you meet certain income criteria. Some organizations coordinate with local businesses to provide volunteer labor for seniors to fix their homes. Others coordinate with nonprofit organizations to provide home modifications and repairs at no cost to the applicants.

Local programs

Many local agencies offer assistance for senior citizens to repair and maintain their homes. These programs prioritize safety and health over aesthetics, and provide minor home repairs and maintenance. Many agencies also offer volunteer services to make the repairs. Senior citizens must demonstrate a strong sense of self-sufficiency. However, these programs are not available in every community. To find out whether your local agency offers these services, you can contact your local community action agency.

New York City’s Area Agency on Aging District 7 has a program for senior citizens to get help with home repairs. Funded by the State of Ohio Senior Community Services Program and the Ohio Department of Development, the program addresses emergency and code violations in home repairs. Assistance with home repairs is available for heating systems and plumbing, kitchen and bathroom renovations, handicapped accessibility, and other projects. Applicants must meet certain income requirements and apply through a local agency.