Organizations That Help Disabled Veterans With Home Repairs

organizations that help disabled veterans with home repairs

Whether you are an army veteran, a retired veteran, or someone who works with veterans, there are organizations that help disabled veterans with home repairs. In fact, there are several different groups that you can join, and many of them offer grants to help you with your repairs. These include the Air Force Aid Society, Rebuilding Together Long Island, Project New Hope Inc., the Coalition for Home Repair, the Back-to-School Brigade, and the Tech For Troops Project.

Coalition for Home Repair

Founded in 1999, the Coalition for Home Repair is a nonprofit organization that helps disabled veterans with home repairs. It provides advocacy and funding for home repair networks across the country. Its partners are individuals, nonprofits, and businesses. The Coalition helps people stay in their homes and ensures the preservation of affordable housing.

The Coalition is one of five nonprofits that received $5 million in funding from the HUD in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs. It will use the funding to improve the housing of 80 low-income veterans, serving Appalachia and the Mississippi Delta.

Air Force Aid Society

Whether you are a military family, a veteran, or a family member of a veteran, there are organizations to help you. From financial support to emergency assistance, there are many different non-profit organizations to help you.

The Air Force Aid Society provides financial support to Air Force members, their families, and retirees. They offer grants and interest-free loans. Their mission is to help Air Force members achieve their education goals and meet their personal financial needs.

The Air Force Aid Society has worked to meet the needs of Air Force members since 1942. The organization is governed by a group of volunteer Trustees, including current and former Air Force leaders and civilian community members.

Rebuilding Together Long Island

Those interested in home improvement will be happy to learn that Rebuilding Together Long Island offers a wide range of free home repairs and modifications. Some of the projects that Rebuilding Together Long Island has completed are wheelchair ramps, wall repair, weather stripping and even carpentry.

Rebuilding Together Long Island has received support from many different sources. In particular, Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation announced a $1 million grant to the organization. This grant is being used to complete home repairs for low-income families. In the spirit of the Rebuilding Together motto, Lowe’s employees are also involved in this worthwhile initiative.

Project New Hope Inc. Back-to-School Brigade

During my tour of the United States Air Force (USAF) base at Barksdale, a slew of ole boys and ole gals sat about, I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek into the brains behind the ol’ boy. Amongst the brood, I came across a plethora of enlightened veterans who have a penchant for a good time. As a result, I was able to compile a short list of the most interesting, albeit reticent, veterans to interview. In no particular order, the following are the namesakes of the pack.

Self-Sufficiency Grant

Several programs are available to help veterans make their homes accessible. There are federal grants that can be used to remodel or build a home, and there are also grants that can be used for repairs and renovations.

The Access to Home for Heroes/Veterans program provides financial assistance to help disabled veterans improve their homes. This program is available for homeowners as well as renters. Applicants must demonstrate a need for the modifications. They must also provide a substantial physical limitation that prevents them from living independently.

Small Home Repair Program

Whether you are a disabled veteran or an aging in place veteran, there are several nonprofit organizations and government programs that can help you. Whether you want to renovate your home, build a new home, or make repairs, there are several grants available that can help.

The Self-Sufficiency Grant provides short-term financial assistance. If you meet the requirements and are employed, you can apply for this grant.

The Small Home Repair Program provides needed repairs for disabled and elderly veterans. It is a program sponsored by Fastrac Cares. The program was established in 2011 and has already performed nine home repairs. The program will expand to neighboring communities in 2021.

Tech For Troops Project

Whether you are a veteran or simply interested in learning more about home modifications, you may find that the Tech For Troops Project has something to offer you. Aside from providing home repairs to veterans, T4T also helps veterans acquire the necessary skills to use technology to improve their lives. Originally founded by a mother and son, the organization has been growing in size and volunteers since its inception.

In the past few years, Tech For Troops has worked with local programs and charities to help service members age in place. The organization also donates computers to veterans groups. The computers that are provided are functional and suitable for browsing the Internet and performing typical office tasks.