Listening to Podcasts on Home Repairs

home repairs listening

If you’re looking for podcasts on home repairs, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need some help with a specific task or are a DIY enthusiast, you can find valuable information from Industry insiders. Listening to home repair podcasts will save you money and time. These podcasts usually run between 10 to 15 minutes, and contain helpful tips and advice from home repair experts.

Podcasts about home repairs

Podcasts about home repairs and improvement projects are a great way to learn how to do repairs on your own without spending a lot of money. These programs are often entertaining as well as educational. Reclaimed Audio, for example, features three guys from different backgrounds talking about ways to recycle and reuse things around the house. This can help you save money and help the environment. The three guys discuss everything from recycling old guitars to upgrading vintage electronics.

Another popular podcast about home repairs is Ask the Builder, hosted by Syndicated Columnist and National Award-Winning Builder Tim Carter. It’s filled with home improvement and repair advice from experts in Southern California. Guests include contractors, electricians, plumbers, real estate agents, and insurance agents.

Other great home improvement podcasts cover topics like DIY home repair tips and routines, and home improvement products. Some popular podcasts focus on topics like painting exterior brick and patching a roof. You’ll even learn about new products and tools for your home. These podcasts will help you do DIY projects and get the most out of your home. There are plenty of shows to choose from, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits your interests.

Industry-insider guests

If you’re in need of a handyman or need some advice on home repairs, consider listening to the podcast Industry Insider. This podcast features guest experts from the field and gives you advice you can use. You can listen to episodes on SoundCloud, iTunes, or Stitcher. Guests include Mark Overbye, a serial entrepreneur who launched his fourth boat manufacturing business during uncertain economic times.