How to Learn Home Repair Skills

learn home repair skills

Whether you want to help out a friend or are just curious about home repair, there are several ways to learn. You can offer your time to a friend in need, volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity, take a class at a local home improvement store, or search online for handyman services.

Offer your time and labor to a friend

The DIY Network is a great place to learn basic home repair jobs. Some of the more advanced jobs will require years of training. DIY Network’s show “Rehab Addict” stars Nicole Curtis who hires subcontractors to do complex jobs.

Volunteer at a local Habitat for Humanity

Volunteering at Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful way to learn home repair skills and help others. Habitat builds homes for people all over the world, many of whom live in squalor and unsanitary conditions. You can volunteer to help build homes or help in other ways, including helping to pick out future homeowners, helping with financial education, or serving on a committee.

Volunteering at Habitat is also a great way to network with other local people. Habitat has volunteer opportunities throughout the year. You can help to build a house, clean up a neighborhood, or even sell building materials. The proceeds from these efforts go to help Habitat build and repair more homes.

Take classes at a local home improvement store

Taking classes at a local home improvement store can help you learn basic home repair skills, such as changing light bulbs. Home improvement stores often offer classes in various topics, such as painting and building materials. They also have an extensive selection of do-it-yourself books.

If you don’t know where to start, you can always ask a store associate for advice. These workers can provide detailed information on the tools and equipment you need. Also, home improvement stores typically host workshops that teach customers how to repair and improve their homes. Plus, they have a vested interest in helping you learn, so you’re more likely to get detailed advice from them. Plus, you’ll get to talk to real people with firsthand experience.

While home repair classes are helpful for beginners, you may also be more comfortable learning from a professional. By watching a professional at work, you’ll be able to pick up on some of their skills and apply them to your own home. Remember to follow safety precautions and get the job done right the first time.

Find a handyman on iFixit

If you’ve always been interested in doing home repairs, you can start by learning how to repair some of the basics yourself. This can include painting walls, repairing furniture, unclogging drains, and basic home plumbing. You can also learn about home wiring and fixtures. You can look for guides online or take short courses to get the basics down.

It’s important to make a comprehensive list of the things you’re comfortable doing. You should include even the most basic tasks in this list, because you’ll be paid even if you’re not comfortable doing them.

Buy an older house that needs repairs

If you’re looking to buy an older house, there are several factors to consider. The first is that older homes can pose a number of potential hazards. Older homes often have plumbing and structural problems, and many of them may have lead paint. Lead is a neurotoxic metal that can leach into water and the environment. The most common sources of lead in homes are pre-World War II plumbing and exterior paint.

Many real estate investors and house flippers will search for homes that need repairs and renovations to sell for a profit. Some bargain hunters look for these homes, primarily because they want to live in a certain neighborhood or type of house but can’t afford to pay the market list price.