How to Find Home Repair Contractors Near Me

home repair contractors near me

If you’re looking for home repair contractors near me, you have several options. Among these are Angie’s List, ServiceWhale, and Craigslist. You’ll want to have a detailed list so you’re sure you’re not paying for work that isn’t necessary.

Angie’s List

There are thousands of Angie’s List home repair contractors near you. Many of these are top-rated contractors, and you can search through their reviews and ratings to find the best one for your needs. Originally, Angie’s List was a service that connected homeowners with top-rated contractors. But Home Advisor, which was acquired by IAC, took advantage of the service’s popularity and began selling the information to contractors. The new business model is to find more homeowners and connect them with more contractors.

Angie’s List is an excellent resource to find contractors, but there are some drawbacks. Sadly, Angie’s List has lost many of its best contractors. Many of the contractors used to pay the site to get listed, but now, they’re no longer interested in paying for the service. Additionally, the site sells contractor leads to HomeAdvisor, which further damaged Angie’s List’s reputation.

Consumers can search by zip code for home repair contractors and find out what the most satisfied homeowners had to say about a particular company. While this site isn’t as comprehensive as HomeAdvisor, it offers upfront pricing and convenient booking. The service’s Happiness Guarantee protects customers and their homes.


There are many benefits of using a service such as ServiceWhale to find home repair contractors near me. These services aggregate customer reviews and let you compare multiple contractors before deciding which one to hire. You can also name your price if you wish. And if you do not have time to find a local contractor, you can always use online marketplaces.

ServiceWhale makes it easy to find the best deal for any home repair project, with an array of search filters based on price, location, and relevance. After answering a few questions, you will receive personalized discount quotes from reputable home repair contractors. You can then choose the contractor that best fits your needs and put down a small deposit to book your appointment.


Although Craigslist for home repair contractors is known for its low prices, you should always get a contract before hiring a contractor. Although most contractors on Craigslist have a good reputation, many are unlicensed and may not provide the best service. One homeowner used an email quote and hired a contractor without getting a contract. This resulted in a delay in the renovation process and a lot of extra money spent on damage control.

When looking for a contractor, avoid those who ask for upfront payment. They may want money to purchase materials. While it’s okay to pay for a service call in full, bigger jobs may require periodic payments to cover materials. A reputable company will have adequate capital to cover the tools and materials that they need to complete the job.