Home Repairs For Seniors in Philadelphia

home repairs for seniors in philadelphia

Philadelphia has programs that specialize in making home repairs for seniors. These programs include Basic Systems Repair Programs, Adaptive Modifications Programs, and Community Service Programs. Philadelphia also offers home repairs through the CAPABLE program. CAPABLE helps older Philadelphia residents with daily living activities.

Basic Systems Repair Program

The Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC) offers a Basic Systems Repair Program to homeowners that need repairs for their homes. The program offers free repairs to owner-occupied Philadelphia homes, but there are income requirements for eligibility. The program also offers discounts on water bills and stabilized real estate taxes for seniors.

Philadelphia residents with permanent disabilities can qualify for this program. The program provides grants for emergency repairs that are necessary for basic living. These repairs may include leaking sewer lines, roof leaks, and hazardous electrical conditions. The program also assists older Philadelphia residents with the basic tasks of daily living. In some cases, the program can provide minor home modifications, such as adding or removing doors or windows.

The Philadelphia Housing Authority also offers several programs to assist elderly homeowners. The agency focuses on West Philadelphia, and has a Resource Hub at 5243 Market Street that can guide you through the services offered by the city. Some programs are income-based, and some may have a waiting list.

Adaptive Modifications Program

The Philadelphia Housing Development Corp. (PHDC) administers several home repairs programs for low-income Philadelphia residents. The City Council authorized $100 million in funding for the program last year. It aims to reduce the long-term waiting list for home repairs and make homes more energy-efficient.

Seniors can qualify for the program if they need a home modification to make their living space more accessible. The program’s aim is to make life easier for older Philadelphia residents. It offers home repairs and modifications that make everyday activities more convenient for seniors and their caregivers.

The Healthy Rowhouse Project is a nonprofit organization that administers the PHDC home repair loan program. It also collaborates with the financial counseling nonprofit Clarifi to help homeowners fix their houses. Belinda Eldridge has lived in her home for 48 years, but has noticed problems with wiring for the past three years. She was afraid her basement would flood if her house didn’t get fixed. When her husband passed away, she applied for a home repair grant and received a new roof, plumbing, and electrical work.

Community Service Program

If you’re a senior living in Philadelphia, you’re not alone. The city’s Community Service Program for home repairs for seniors has helped hundreds of residents improve the safety of their homes. This service provides free or low-cost home repairs for low-income homeowners. The program’s goals are to eliminate hazards in homes and reduce the risk of chronic disease. This includes structural emergencies, such as roof repairs, and is linked to a reduction in crime in neighborhoods where the repairs are made.

The Home of Hope program provides basic home repairs and minor adjustments for seniors and other elderly Philadelphia residents. The program also offers assistance with financial assistance and access to government benefits. The program also provides free adaptations for older adults who need help to live independently in their homes. In addition to home repairs, Home of Hope also provides free transportation, tutoring, and personal care. In addition, the program’s energy efficiency services and educational materials help senior citizens improve their quality of life.

Home repair assistance is a crucial part of aging, and the community service program for seniors in Philadelphia offers a wide range of services to help older adults stay in their homes and remain independent. The organization partners with local organizations to repair homes and provide assistance to seniors. The organization serves senior citizens from low-income households and single-parent households.


Seniors in Philadelphia face many unique challenges. From the cost of homeowners insurance to property taxes, home maintenance and repairs can add up quickly. Unfortunately, Philadelphians face some of the country’s highest repair costs. On average, homeowners in Philadelphia require $1,685 in repairs a year. Fortunately, there are many free and low-cost resources to help with these costs.

One option for senior homeowners in Philadelphia is to apply for SHARP, or the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging’s (PCA) Senior Housing Assistance Repair Program. This program provides free repairs for homeowners 60 and older in a variety of neighborhoods across the city. To qualify, homeowners must own their property and have a current homeowners insurance policy. In addition, the property must be in good structural condition. The Philadelphia Corporation for Aging accepts applications every five years. Repairs may include replacing electrical switches and outlets, repairing broken faucets, or installing shutoff valves. The program also makes minor modifications for senior homeowners with disabilities.

The minimum loan amount is $500. If a senior is eligible for the program, the repairs or renovations can be retroactively completed. In some cases, seniors must also have 25% equity in their primary residence. In addition to home repairs, eligible seniors can also apply for grants that cover basic home modifications and renovations. Once you have applied, SHARP staff will contact you to confirm your eligibility.