Home Repairs For Disabled Seniors

home repairs for disabled seniors

Disabled seniors who can’t afford to do major repairs often qualify for free assistance from charities, ministries, churches, and government grants.

Those with disabilities also have at least two additional opportunities worth exploring, including personal loans. These can be used for any home repair project that helps improve health or safety conditions.

Hand in Hand Ministries

The team at Hand in Hand Ministries performs minor home repairs for disabled seniors, allowing them to stay in their homes while making improvements. This includes adding handicapped accessible ramps, making window fixes and other minor projects.

In addition to fixing a house, this charity also does a great job of building relationships between volunteers and the homeowners they serve. This involves writing cards and making phone calls to keep them in touch. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Solid Rock Ministries

Solid Rock Ministries is a Christian non-profit that aids Holland/Zeeland area residents who need home repairs. These basic standard of living repairs allow clients to live safely and independently.

Volunteers with experience in building trades donate their time to help senior homeowners repair their homes. They are able to provide these services at minimal cost by only charging for the materials needed while the labor is free. This allows them to make an immediate impact in the community.

Repair Baldwin Project

The Repair Baldwin Project is a collaboration between Ecumenical Ministries and churches to help low-income senior citizens and disabled property owners make repairs on their homes. This includes things like replacing windows, painting and wheelchair ramps.

The program has worked on 600 home improvement projects in a little over seven years. They have installed septic systems, roofs and wheelchair ramps.


If you are a disabled senior who needs to fix up your home, there are many charities that offer home repairs for free. Some are national organizations while others are local.

These organizations often host events where they help visitors bring broken items to a clinic where volunteer coaches will troubleshoot what they need to repair. This helps people to change their mindset toward repairing rather than throwing things away. It also helps reduce the amount of stuff that goes to the landfill and supports the local repair industry.

Heart Felt

Keeping a senior in his or her home is a noble cause. Heart Felt is one of the largest and most successful charitable organizations in our area. They offer a variety of programs and services to help a number of disadvantaged individuals, their families and the community as a whole. Their home maintenance and improvement program is among the most comprehensive and cost effective in our region. They are also the proud custodians of a few historic homes that are just as impressive today as they were in their heyday.

Texas Ramp Project

The Texas Ramp Project works throughout the state to build wheelchair ramps for disabled seniors who can’t afford to buy one. They are given priority to clients from Hospice facilities and dialysis patients, but they also serve elderly people living alone who cannot exit their homes safely.

Volunteers are recruited from local churches, civic groups and community organizations. The Hays County chapter of the Texas Ramp Project runs out of a small warehouse in east San Marcos.


Homage is a not for profit organization that offers free home repairs and other services to the elderly and disabled. They have a large footprint in Snohomish County and serve more than 23,000 beneficiaries each year. They provide everything from a well-stocked kitchen to free transportation, and they’re a great resource for anyone looking to make their home safer and more comfortable for themselves or their loved ones.

The best part is that it all starts with a simple application.

Revitalize Milwaukee

Revitalize Milwaukee offers disabled seniors free home repairs that allow them to remain independent in their own homes. The organization focuses on repairing health and safety hazards in their homes.

In addition to critical repair services, Revitalize Milwaukee also makes accessibility modifications to help their clients move around the house safely. This work is done through a volunteer program called Block Build MKE, an annual event where corporations and volunteers come together to make home repairs and updates in one weekend.