Home Repair Grants For Seniors in Georgia

If you’re in need of home repairs for your Georgia home, you may qualify for a home repair grant. These programs are not easy to apply for, but if you meet the qualifications, you could qualify for one. These programs provide funding for the repairs necessary to keep your home safe and comfortable. They help homeowners repair health and safety hazards as well as code violations. To apply, you’ll need to meet the eligibility requirements and provide documentation. Fortunately, you can apply for these grants online.

Habitat for Humanity

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home, you may be eligible to receive home repair grants from Habitat for Humanity of Georgia. The program is geared toward senior citizens and people with disabilities. The organization operates 52 local chapters throughout the state, and can help you with repairs and updates to your home. They also provide discounted building materials at Habitat ReStores.

These grants are intended to help aging homeowners make their homes safe, dry and accessible. To apply for the program, homeowners must meet certain requirements, including living in the home and paying property taxes in full. The home must be in good repair and the tax assessment building value should be under $100,000.


HouseProud Atlanta is a nonprofit organization that provides free home repairs to elderly Atlanta residents. The nonprofit works with low-income seniors to make repairs that are necessary to stay safe and comfortable. The repairs are completed by licensed professionals and adhere to pandemic safety guidelines. This funding will allow the organization to expand its services and serve those on a waiting list.

The program partners with the Home Depot Foundation to help older and disabled homeowners age in place. The funds can be used to repair roof leaks, exterior doors, foundation problems, and electrical and plumbing systems. Additionally, the funds can be used for caulking windows and doors.

Home Depot Foundation

If you or a loved one is in need of home repairs, you can get help from The Home Depot Foundation through its home repair grants program. The program provides financial and strategic support to nonprofit organizations in need of home repairs and modifications. More than 1,500 homes have been repaired by Team Depot volunteers.

The Foundation is also active in disaster relief and is the premier sponsor of Habitat on the Hill legislative conference in Washington. The organization also awards grants to local Habitat organizations to help them recover from a natural disaster.

Low-income homeowner programs

Low-income homeowner programs for seniors in Georgia can help seniors and people with disabilities maintain their homes. These programs are designed to provide free or reduced-cost home repair and renovation services. These programs are operated by Habitat for Humanity in Georgia, and they depend on volunteers to help the nonprofit build and repair homes. For assistance, you can contact your local Habitat chapter to learn about local programs and learn about how you can apply. Habitat for Humanity also offers discounted building materials at their Habitat ReStores.

Another program for seniors is the Housing Rehabilitation Program. This program provides financial assistance for home repairs that can make a home safer for seniors. It is important to note that to qualify, you must be at least 62 years of age. In Georgia, there are many different organizations offering these programs, but you must meet certain criteria to receive assistance. For example, you must be a senior who resides in Georgia.

Low-interest loans

If you’re a senior or disabled person in Georgia, you may qualify for low-interest home repair loans. The programs are administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and HUD. Many of these programs are available to all residents, but certain groups are given priority. For example, people with low incomes often receive a higher percentage of the funds.

Another option is the USDA Rural Development loan program. This program provides funds to seniors with incomes less than 60% of the Area Median Income. These low-interest home repair loans are a great way to improve your home and give you peace of mind knowing that you’re not putting your home at risk.