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For sale by owner

fsbOwnerflFor sale by owner or FSBO as it is normally called simply means the act of selling a real estate property by the owner without a representation of a real estate broker or agent. Real estate owners may decide to sell their properties either directly with the help of a lawyer or solicitor, or employ the service of a marketing agent or through an online listing without paying the real estate agent commission.

A major reason why for sale by owner is becoming very popular is in order to avoid the rather too high commission real estate brokers charge, which is 6% of the selling price of the property that is intended to be sold. If he home owner sells his home without a real estate agent to a buyer who also buys directly without the services of an agent, then, no commission will be paid to the agents as their services were not solicited for during the transaction.

In a situation where a buyer solicits for the services of a real estate agent to buy a home for sale directly from the home owner, the buyer’s agent may demand for a payment of commission from the owner as finder’s fee for bringing a buyer. In this case, the owner has the right to accept or reject to pay the said commission since he is not under any legal obligation or agreement to pay the commission. After deciding to sell your home, the first step to take is to determine the current market price of your home. This could be done by getting a list of similar home placed for sale. A better and simple way to do this is to go online and check for similar homes for sale in your locality.

Having known the market value of your home, the next step is to determine how you intend marketing the property. The options you could tap from to do this are either you give it out to do marketing agent to do the marketing for you or you do the marketing yourself. The second option will be fine since you will not have to pay anyone any marketing fees. If you decide to market it yourself or  For sale by owner, the internet is a handy tool which you can use to market your property at little or no cost. Some good places to market your home online include; Real estate forums, social media and free home listing sites.

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